Api configuration

For Website


https://www.mplan.in/api/plans.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&offer=roffer&tel=[mobile]&operator=[operator](BSNL,Idea,given below)


https://www.mplan.in/api/plans.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&cricle=[Gujarat](given below)&operator=[operator](BSNL,Idea,given below)

DTH Customer Info :-

https://www.mplan.in/api/Dthinfo.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&offer=roffer&tel=[VCnumber]&operator=[operator](Given below)


https://www.mplan.in/api/dthplans.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&operator=[operator](Given below)

DTH PLANS with channel's :-

https://www.mplan.in/api/dth_plans.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&operator=[operator](Given below)

Electricity Customer Information :-

https://www.mplan.in/api/electricinfo.php?apikey=[yourapikey]&offer=roffer&tel=[Customer number]&operator=[operator](PGVCL,Given below)

Operator Check :-


Cricle List And Operator List Please Check API Document (API DOC.PDF)

Note :-

1) Copy and paste With Space while set operators and circles

2) Code come’s with json format

Example :-Array ( [apikey] => 0000000000 [operator] => Idea [cricle] => Gujarat ) {"records":{"FULLTT":[{"rs":"120","desc":"FTT 120 (Get Additional 1 GB Data For 28 Days on recharge through Idea Website& Idea App). Get additional 1GB free data for 28day","validity":"N\/A","last_update":"01-01-1970"}

3) Api works only in your website server

4) Please Use your mobile application to use api from your website,because we track your ip your api key can be block

5) If we know any type of fraud, then we block your account

6) This Api Only For One URL(website)

7) Request limit is 5000/day

API Document & Response Sample :-

API Doc simple plan Roffer DTH Customer Info DTH Plan DTH Plan with channel

Elecricity Customer Info Operator check